Just Katie - A Film Written And Directed By Katie Toon
A short film based on a poem about being a twin and how liberating it can be when you are finally treated as an individual person.
Just Katie (Poem/ monologue)
When I was born my Mum chose two names 
but one of them doesn't belong to me. 
Her name is Rebecca mine is Katie.
You wouldn't think that your name gives you an identity
but when you're an identical twin it means everything.
It's the little things that mean most
as we fight for our individuality 
because society will always assume our collectivity 

we're identical in looks but not personality.
So you wouldn't think it would be a struggle to define the two
when we grew and changed like all children do. 
But make no mistake I wouldn't change my built in best friend for the world 
she is my travel buddy
and scapegoat my sister for life
and I'll love her forever

But then I moved away
and it was time for me to find my way 
I'm just Katie for the first time
as I embark on this new milestone. 
It's liberating and scary 
as I discover who I am as an individual.
This is my main chapter
and I don't have to share the leading role
although you wouldn't think that from the amount of time
I spend on the phone 

I've learned to love the city
which is something I thought I would never say. 
I owe a part of that to my new friends
as they've helped me find my way. 
I love listening to their stories and even telling mine. 
Even though they convinced me that I wasn't drinking real wine. 

Here I'm just Katie. 
But that doesn't mean I would change a thing 
it's just nice for people to say my name 
without being called the twin. 
After all it's kind of cool 
to know someone who looks just like you. 
We're just not the same person 
I hope you understand. 
So you can stop punching her to see if I can feel it in my right hand

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