I have worked with Outlaw Films since 2020. Taking behind the scenes photos of their various fan films and marketing material. The images below are from 'Issue 2: You're No Dick Grayson'. which can be seen on YouTube through the link on the left.
One Halloween night, Robin is on patrol and is assisted by Artemis investigates a mysterious victim. He is then abducted by the villain Scarecrow (Ben Rees) and must confront his darkest fears that adapt themselves into the form of his adopted father, Bruce Wayne. DISCLAIMER This is a fan project and all rights go to the respective companies of DC and Warner Brothers. We do not own the rights to these properties!
Outlaw Films Promo for Issue 2. Introducing Luke Blight of Jason Todd aka Robin. Watch The Promo through the link.
This shoot involved a studio set up, I took promotional images of the actor to be used in the marketing material of the second issue of the Outlawverse.
Outlaw films produced a Music video featuring Crawley from Good Omens. I took some portraits for James as Crowley the Demon, in various different time periods for the show.

I was approached by the Director Lucas Lewis- Smith to be the Director of photography for 'Issue 5: Liberate'. Whilst on set I also managed to take some Behind the scenes stills of our experience shooting the film.
One of the photos even made the thumbnail after a little editing! 

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